5200mAh battery for HP PAVILION DM4 DV3 DV5 DV6 DV7 G4 G6 G7 G72 G62 G42 for Compaq Presario CQ32 CQ42 CQ43 CQ56 CQ62 CQ72 MU06

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This product listing is for the product type(DM4): This Laptop Battery can replace the following part numbers: for Compaq 586006-321 586006-361 586007-541 586028-341 588178-141 593553-001 593554-

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This product listing is for the product type(DM4): This Laptop Battery can replace the following part numbers: for Compaq 586006-321 586006-361 586007-541 586028-341 588178-141 593553-001 593554-001 593562-001 GSTNN-Q62C HSTNN-CB0W HSTNN-CBOW HSTNN-F01C HSTNN-F02C HSTNN-I78C HSTNN-I79C HSTNN-I81C HSTNN-I83C HSTNN-I84C HSTNN-IB0N HSTNN-IB0X HSTNN-IB1E HSTNN-OB0X HSTNN-OB0Y HSTNN-Q47C HSTNN-Q48C HSTNN-Q49C HSTNN-Q50C HSTNN-Q51C HSTNN-Q60C HSTNN-Q61C HSTNN-Q62C HSTNN-Q63C HSTNN-Q64C HSTNN-UB0W HSTNN-YB0X MU06 MU09 NBP6A174 NBP6A174B1 NBP6A175 NBP6A175B1 WD548AA This Laptop Battery is also compatible with the following models: FOR COMPAQ 435 Notebook PC, Presario CQ630, Presario CQ43-300 Series 436 Notebook PC, Presario CQ72 Presario CQ43-400 Series CQ430, Presario CQ42-100 Series Presario CQ56-100 Series CQ630, Presario CQ42-200 Series Presario CQ56-200 Series Presario CQ32, Presario CQ42-300 Series Presario CQ57-100 Series Presario CQ42, Presario CQ42-400 Series Presario CQ62-100 Series Presario CQ43, Presario CQ57, Presario CQ62-200 Series Presario CQ56, Presario CQ62, Presario CQ62-300 Series Presario CQ56z-200 CTO, Presario CQ62z-200CTO, Presario CQ62-400 Series Presario CQ43-100 Series Presario CQ62z-300 CTO, Presario CQ62-a Series Presario CQ43-200 Series FOR HP Notebook PC Pavilion g4 Pavilion dv3-4000 Series 431 Notebook PC Pavilion g4t-1000 CTO Pavilion dv3-4100 Series 435 Notebook PC Pavilion g4t-1100 CTO Pavilion dv3-4200 Series 630 Notebook PC Pavilion g4t-1200 CTO Pavilion dv4-4000 Series 631 Notebook PC Pavilion g7 Pavilion dv4-4100 Series 635 Notebook PC Pavilion g7t-1000 CTO Pavilion dv5 Series 636 Notebook PC 2000 Series Pavilion dv5-2000 Series 650 Notebook PC Envy 17-1000 Series Pavilion dv5-2100 Series 655 Notebook PC Envy 17-1100 Series Pavilion dv6-3000 Series Envy 15-1100 Envy 17-1200 Series Pavilion dv6-3100 Series HP630 Envy 17-2000 Series Pavilion dv6-3200 Series G32 Envy 17-2100 Series Pavilion dv6-3300 Series G72t Envy 17t-1000 Series Pavilion dv6-4000 Series G42 Envy 17t-2000 Series Pavilion dv6-6000 Series G56 G42-100 Series Pavilion dv6-6100 Series G62 G42-200 Series Pavilion dv6-6b Series G62m-300 CTO Notebook PC G42-300 Series Pavilion dv7-4000 Series G62x-400 CTO G42-400 Series Pavilion dv7-4100 Series G72 G42t Series Pavilion dv7-4200 Series Pavilion dv4t-4000 CTO G56-100 Series Pavilion dv7-4300 Series Pavilion dv4t-4100 CTO G62-100 Series Pavilion dv7-6000 Series Pavilion dv5t-2100 CTO G62-400 Series Pavilion dv7-6100 Series Pavilion dv6-6c41tx G62-a Series Pavilion dv7t-6100 Series Pavilion dv6t-4000 CTO G62-b Series Pavilion g4-1000 Series Pavilion dv6t-6000 CTO G62t Series Pavilion g4-1100 Series Pavilion dv6t-3100 CTO G72-100 Series Pavilion g4-1200 Series Pavilion dv6t-3000 CTO G72-a Series Pavilion g4-1300 Series Pavilion dv6t-3200 CTO G72-b Series Pavilion g4-2000 Series Pavilion dv6t-6b00 CTO Pavilion dm4-1000 Series Pavilion g6 Series Pavilion dv6z-3100 CTO Pavilion dm4-1100 Series Pavilion g6-1000 Series Pavilion dv7-1400 Pavilion dm4-1200 Series Pavilion g6-1100 Series Pavilion dv7t-4000 CTO Pavilion dm4-1300 Series Pavilion g6-1200 Series Pavilion dv7t-4100 CTO Pavilion dm4-2000 Series Pavilion g6-1300 Series Pavilion dv7t-5000CTO Pavilion dm4-3000 Series Pavilion g6-1b Series Pavilion dv7t-6000 CTO Pavilion dm4t Series Pavilion g7-1000 Series Pavilion dv7t-6b00 CTO
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